Dane Cook - Actor/Comedian

"Coolest workout app period." 

Sonya Walger - Actor (Penny Widmore: Lost / Dr. Olivia Benford: Flash Forward)

"This game is awesome! Like having Christine Hazelton (the best trainer I have ever worked with) in your pocket. It's foolproof, ingenious, fun to use and kicks my ass every time. I cannot recommend it highly enough - for traveling, for motivating, for saving money when you want a trainer but can't afford one, for anyone who's ever been stuck in a rut with their workouts. Body Fate honestly makes it fun to work out."

Thomas Jane - Actor (Ray Decker: HBO's Hung)

"Nothing kicks my ass more than BODYFATE! I'm leaner than ever. Keeps the workouts entertaining and challenging because you never know what the hell is going to happen next!"

Great for Everyone

This app is terrific! I work out a lot and I'm pretty bored with my routine and my trainer but this app is def going to change that. I can get a trainer's workout without the trainer and the cost. Lots of fun and getting fit with this app= awesome!

hlywddk- Apr 30, 2010

Excellent App for working out!!

My wife told me about this app and I decided to give it a go. I am pleasantly pleased and surprised to find an app that has so many options to give you a great workout without the gym or the trainer. I'm not big on going to the gym and this app allows me to workout from my home, the park, anywhere I want at any time I want. I love it!!!  The best part is it's perfect for any level -whether you are a beginner or the hard core gym rat, it's awesome. Also good when traveling, an excellent workout buddy!

hurricanehugo- May 1, 2010

Nothing Else Like It

This is the best fitness app I've ever used. (And I've downloaded a total of 4, so I really mean it.) You input whatever equipment you have access to, set your own time limit and fitness level, and you're good to go. The graphics and layout are fun and inventive, but you still get an intense, no•nonsense workout. I've used it twice so far, and it definitely got my heart rate up and my sweat on! It's like having a trainer with a fun personality In your pocket -someone you enjoy hanging out with, even if he/she kicks your butt. This seems like the last fitness app I'll download. Especially if there are future updates ... I highly recommend it.

RJL64- May 2, 2010

The Future of Exercise

As a fitness professional, I think this app will change the fitness world ... it's a game so it taps into my competitive nature & makes the dreaded trip to the gym fun, yet more challenging then when I exercise without a plan.

truleo- May 3, 2010

Killer frlggln' workout!

Ok, so I've down loaded several fitness apps in hopes of getting myself motivated, but you still have to figure out what to do. This app tells you what to do!! I checked off the equipment I have at

home and did the workout. I was sweating like crazy! Holy crap! I had to use a rest and I passed a couple of exercises, but I did it to the end! Love the spinning torture wheel and the moving pictures. Pop quiz was a cool surprise! A couple of the exercises were a tad too hard for me, but I followed the easier option in the description and was able to pull them off.

Laggardlizzard- May 5, 2010


Great for a full work out on the go or at home -even better for a jolt In the middle of the day when you nee d to get away from the desk for a few minutes.   

Cyur- May 7, 2010  

Absolutely Awesome!

This App. is one of the most clever fitness programs I've ever seen! It gives you a killer workout without you knowing it. This is definitely the future of fitness Apps. So many others just offer exercises, but this actually makes it fun to workout! It's even inspired me as a trainer. I've used it with clients who need a barrier breaking session and those who simply need a change of pace. I've also used it for my own workout.

Quicksteer- May 8, 2010

Best Fitness App!

I've been looking for a workout app that I can use on my "o  days from my trainer. I finally found the answer! This is better than every other fitness app out there. I'm now more motivated to work out because I actually look forward to it. The game aspect really taps into my competitive nature, and I love that I can use it anywhere ... at the gym, at home, or wherever I travel! It's also nice to be able to set your own workout length. The exercises are incredibly challenging (at least on the "Bring it On!" setting) and I love that the focus is on core training. I'm so happy I found this App!

pinupgerl- May 10, 2010  

Saved Me From Myself

In the past, my typical work out was 40 min of cardio followed by a blank stare and lots of wondering aimlessly in the gym. With Body Fate, my work outs are 100 times more challenging and I leave the gym feeling accomplished. The exercises are easy to follow and work muscles I didn't know I had! This app kicks my butt!

unitslx- May 10, 2010

This app totally kicks my butt! I work out regularly (cardio and weights) but 1was finding that 1was not feeling the burn from my usual workouts any longer. Not true with this program! 1chose the Middle of the Road setting to start (I was too scared to Bring It On!) and even with this medium setting, 1 am getting an intense workout every time. 1 switch it up every week or so, in terms of choosing my equipment (sometimes 1 chose "stairs· and "dumbbells", sometimes 1 add "resistance band", etc.) which helps to keep my workouts fresh. End result thus far? My butt is sore, as are my shoulders, triceps, quads -all a very good kind of sore, 1 should add! Great app!

So easy to use-even for beginners!

danajustdana- May 10, 2010

To be honest, I downloaded this app because it looked cool and wasn't expensive, but what I found was for the first time I actually looked forward to working out! It explains all the exercises so clearly and you also get a very varied workout. It makes it fun with little motivational sayings in between workouts and quick games to decide what exercise you will do next. I love that it actually has models that become animated, showing you how to carry out all the exercises, but my favorite feature is that you can load all your equipment that you have access to, into the memory and it will select a workout which uses them all. I have recommended this App to all my friends and I would buy it again in a heartbeat!

IzzyH- May 11, 2010

There's nothing like this. It makes working out fun, which isn1 easy. I love that I don1 need an entire gym to use BODYFATE. And thankfully there are fun noises and pictures to keep my attention. I find myself pushing harder bc of this app. I've lost 18lbs off it and I'm probably not done. Trainers everywhere are gonna be kicking themselves when everyone using this in a few years.

Adam Ray- May 12, 2010

This app rocks!

I love this fitness app!! It looks and works great. Being able to pick your equipment is such a smart feature. Whether i'm in the gym in or not I always get a challenging workout. Not only is the workout great -tons of exercises -but the questions on health and diet remind me to be healthy outside my workout time. BODYFATE is my new favorite trainer!

hanktime- May 13, 2010

An Excellent Workout App

I work out with a trainer and by myself. I purchased BODYFATE and have now used it in both situations. It's a truly great workout app -the best I've used so far. First of all, the "game" itself is fun and taps into my competitive nature. I always end up getting a more intense, well-rounded workout than if I'd just goofed off by myself. There are also enough exercises and variation that it breaks the monotony of my workout routine. And finally, the creators know what they're doing -everything is based on maintaining the proper form, in order to maximize your workout and minimize any chance of injury. The bottom line is; if you're looking for an app to motivate you and trick you into working out harder than you would have, this is the one to purchase.

Marvel Boy- May 23, 2010


This app is genius. It's one of those things where you say ... how come nobody thought of making a fitness app like this before? I have downloaded very highly rated fitness apps in the past and found them boring and (at best) only a reminder of the same old exercises. Body Fate is smart ... you get to select what is available for your workout (brilliant), your workouts change day to day (which means it's not boring) and the creator even added great graphics and fun little trivia/quotes to break up the monotony of each session. I truly love this app! Oh... and there's even photos and specific notes on form for each exercise. I have been using this regularly since buying it and can1 wait to use it on vacation -it's perfect for travel.

yasminej- May 23, 2010


Totally into this app right now. The personal trainer in my pocket idea is pure GENIUS. Have seen a couple other apps similar but BODYFATE definitely is the best around. With options to set my own equipment, levels and time of session, or game as BODYFATE would have it, etc .. I've got no more excuses to skip a day. Favorite feature is def the photographic instruction. Very smart and clear as to form and instruction. Overall 5 stars, for sure. Thanks BODYFATE!!!

Jax Tripper- May 24,2010

Body Fate rocks!1

Just tried it for my first time -gotta say I was skeptical at first but It was really fun and simple -the visuals were totally easy to follow and the exercises were varied and creative. It's a really great way to spur yourself on in the gym when you don1 have a partner or a trainer. Basically I'm digging on it.

Stublu- May 30, 2010


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